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Here are some extracts from the interviews with former print workers. All the interviews will be deposited in our partner archives for future research purposes.

For futher research - Full Interviews Available

The film you can see represents only a small portion of the incredible oral history interviews undertaken for this project.

Twenty two interviewees spoke frankly about their working lives and the hardest part of this project was decidiing what to keep in the documentary and what to leave out. There is much more about Wapping, about women in the industry, the Bank of England strike, differing job roles, lots more jokes and laughs, but also incredibly detailed accounts of the strike. All of the full interviews are available for you to listen to for free, and to use for academic or personal or educational projects. We have given these to several archives in London so please contact them direct if you would like to go along and listen to them. They are at the following:

(1) St Brides Institute - just off Fleet Street
st Brides Foundation

(2) Bishopsgate Institute in EC1.
bishopsgate Institute

(3) The TUC library at London Metropolitan University. libraries